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Could you imagine the look on Ron’s face when he got home early from school and walked on his brother and his best friend naked…The worst part is these gay black thugs were in the middle of hot gangsta cock sucking action and didn’t even hear the door slam and the boy walk in. He decided to use this opportunity to blackmail his brother, so he came back with a camera and quietly walked in, filming the two gangsta boys getting a little too friendly with each other’s dicks.

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A gangsta boy flashes his monster cock in the car

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A couple of gay black thugs were just driving around the neighborhood, playing loud music and having fun. The youngest one, a 19 year old hunk called Craig, was hanging out with his older friends for the first time. So, as usually, he was the one the gangsta crew picked on and started teasing. The gay black thugs got a little too hard on him, joking about the size of his cock and how he
probably never even got laid. Craig lost his temper and took out a gigantic 12 inch black cock, and shut them up for the rest of the drive.

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Gay black thugs party ended with some naked gangsta pictures

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It’s always awful to wake up with a bad hangover and a black hole where the memories of last night should be. As you spend the next day wondering what stupid shit you did this time, there’s always a smart ass friend who posts the most embarrassing moments of the night on facebook, and doesn’t forget to tag you in them. This gangsta went a bit too far, when he posted pictures of a wild gay black thugs party, where one of the guys got too drunk and decided to show his cock to the whole world.

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A sneak peek in gay black thugs bedroom

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Anthony was lucky enough to have a real gangsta hunk for his lover, and he wanted the whole world to know. No wonder, because this gangsta is one of the hottest gay black thugs there is, with his huge tattoos arms and a broad back.

So one night, just before going to bed, Anthony gets his gangsta to strip and gives him a quick blow job just to get that huge thing all rock hard, and then he jumps to get his camera. Thanks to him, we have the pleasure of jacking off to this delicious stud.

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Gay black thugs caught in the kitchen busy with masturbating

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ripped-black-thug-masturbatingWhen Tim heard a noise in the kitchen, he thought his gangsta boyfriend was again making one of his protein milkshakes he drinks before workout. That ripped gangsta has the finest, firmest body out of all gay black thugs he ever laid his eyes on, but he spends half of his free time in the gym to keep it that way.

Tim went downstairs to check up on him, and walked on his gangsta lover stroking his cock like crazy right there, by the kitchen table. Tim was so turned on he had to get his camera and make a few shots…

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